12 Week Isaiah Study Guide – “The Lord Saves”

The members of Grace Church recently completed a twelve-week study of Isaiah in our small groups. What a ride!

As is the case with all of Grace’s Teleios Academy material, you are welcomed and encouraged to use and distribute this curriculum freely.

As with our previous study through John’s Gospel, this inductive guide was developed by Paul & Pat Nave, members of our faith family. Thank you, LORD, for these precious gifts to our body!

Isaiah Study: Features Include

  • Set up for six studies per week
  • Designed to guide you though Isaiah in just twelve weeks
  • Several pages of brief commentary further explaining the big picture of the particular portion of Isaiah you are studying (52+ total pages of condensed commentary)
  • A number of extra resources are included in the introductory section (e.g., relevant maps; condensed and expanded outlines of Isaiah; brief summaries of views on the millennium; chart of Messianic prophecies in Isaiah with their New Testament fulfillment).
  • Suggested bibliography for further study
  • 173 pages of wealth waiting to bless you
  • Click here, or on the cover image to download a PDF of the Isaiah study

As you study Isaiah, the “Prince of the prophets,” which some have called “the fifth gospel,” keep God’s great desire in mind:

“Therefore the LORD longs to be gracious to you” ~ Isa 30:18.



  1. Thank you! This is a wonderful resource. We were talking about Isaiah at our Bible Study group last week and I realised just how little I know – something I intend to correct with the help of your guide.

  2. Our small group wanted to study Isaiah and knew we needed some help and guidance with this. Your lessons and notes were exactly what we needed! It was challenging without being too difficult and has drawn us closer to the Lord. Thank you so much for being a servant to our Lord & Savior and sharing your talents and abilities with all of us!

  3. I’ve been looking for something to help our small group take a look at Isaiah. I’m looking forward to examining your study guide. thanks for creating it. Blessings. Alan pitt

  4. Thank you Paul and Pat…and Grace Church for sharing this study. We live in Utah and it can be a physical and spiritual desert here. Our TH night women’s bible study group came across your web site and decided to try the Isaiah study. We are all thoroughly enjoying our walk with you through Isaiah. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. Our group has certainly been blessed by your gift. In Him, Kristi

  5. May I use this picture to post on Facebook for a study of Isaiah that we will be starting in Shelbyville, TN Community Bible Study? Thank you!

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