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9/18/11 -- Worship Preparation


"Remembering the Sabbath, to keep it holy," (Exodus 20:8) includes ordering your entire life around the privilege of devoting one of every seven days to seeking the LORD's face with His people.

  • Years depend on earth's orbit
  • Months owe their origin to the moon's phases
  • Days depend on earth's rotation
  • Where does the week originate? There's no "natural" explanation for it.

The week exists because our Creator God delights for His redeemed people to join Him in God-centered worship together regularly.

Fuel for Worship Preparation

For those who intend to worship Christ this Sunday with Grace Church, here are some suggested ways to prepare your own heart, and those in your home:

  • Stew in the prayer meeting text -- John 18:1-40
  • Stew in the sermon text -- Hebrews 3:12-14
  • Pray that all who will gather, including yourself, will encounter the Living God
  • Pray for me as I continue to prepare to preach God's Truth
  • Bring a friend, and plan to discuss the service/sermon with them over lunch

See you Sunday, Lord willing.

~ jt