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Am I a Christian? Four Questions


1. Could I love the wrong "God?"

"Self-love may originate an affection in men toward God that is quite ignorant of their real condition before Him. Lacking a conviction of conscience, they are unaware of the heinousness of their sin against God. They have formed in their own minds a god that suits them. They have no idea how far away they are from loving the true God."

2. Could my "God" be imaginary?

"On false may love a god of their own imagination and be far removed from loving the true God who reigns in heaven."

3. How can I know if my love for God is true God-pleasing love for the One True God?

"It is not primarily that they first see that God loves them and therefore He is to be loved, but rather that they first see that God Himself is lovely. Christ appears so glorious and excellent that their hearts are enraptured by Him alone. This then is what really motivates their true love of God. The affection of the saints begins with God Himself."

4. What is the primary difference between true God-pleasing love for God versus self-love that masquerades as true love for God?

"False affections begin with self and an acknowledgement of the excellence of God is only dependent and consequent upon the primary attitude of self-interest. But God is ultimately the foundation in the love of the true saint. Everything else is built upon this foundation.

Taken from Religious Affections, Jonathan Edwards, pp. 92-93. Emphasis added.