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In a nut-shell, here's our conviction about how pastors are discovered & developed...

God loves to use churches as the primary breeding ground where He raises up gospel ministers who will serve Him (a) within their own congregation as pastors, (b) be sent to a frontier work (cross-cultural missions, or church planting), or (c) be sent out to serve another already existing congregation in some pastoral capacity.

So, where does that lead us?

Therefore, we want to be on look-out for members of our church whom the Lord may be calling to serve Him in some pastoral capacity. And, if (when!) He indicates that some of them might be among us, we want to have some sort of plan for what to do with them (at least initially). Thus, the Grace Church Pastoral Residency Program.

Grace Church Pastoral Residency Program

This program does not at all presume or pretend to be exhaustive in the type of training that would be the end-all training for a gospel minister to have prior to being unleashed upon God's people. At the same time, we hope it's at least a step in a helpful direction.

The program is mainly focused on the kinds of development that can only happen in the context of a local church. Meaning, lots of soul-care from the elders, and lots of soul-care with the elders. The overall goal is that the resident will have matured in his personal, pastoral, and theological development, and will have tools to know how to continue growing in each respect.

Beginning January 2012

If the Lord wills, Grace Church will begin offering this two-year, church-based, pastoral residency program in January 2012. New sections of the program will begin each year, thus classes will overlap.

The brochure outlines the Residency's eight terms, and this page provides more information.

Please (please!) pray that God will be glorified, His people blessed, and the gospel advanced through program.