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Missions as the Enjoyment of God


There are two ways to "do" missions. One is duty-driven and anthropocentric. The other is joy-laden and Theocentric. When missions happens because the Christian wants to worship God with all of his life, and because he sees his whole life a belonging to God, and because he is jealous that God receive His well-deserved worship from every person, then God is enjoyed at all times in the Christian's life.

There is no divorce from God for the Christian. He is our greatest desire (2 Cor. 5:8-9).

In Christ, by the Spirit, He is with us always (Matt 28:20). And He is marching forward in this world chasing down the hearts of men and women through the gospel (Acts 13:48).

We can join Him and be used by Him, and in so doing, enjoy Him. Or we can rebel. The real "missions question" is, "Do you want to be with Him!" If so, get involved in what He is doing!

Pray for Kirk Benson who will preaching on this glorious theme Sunday at Grace. And pray for God to rock your life with Himself!