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More Than Notion - Thoughts on Experiential Christianity, Part IV


Inward fire. A burning heart. An all-consuming sense of satisfaction down deep in the soul. Such descriptions try to express the experience that every Christian has enjoyed with Christ in His Word. There are two ways we can approach the Bible: Independently, or with Jesus. Far too often the believer engages with God's Word no differently than an unbeliever--relying on self-sufficiency. Why?

Oh, for the ongoing experience of walking with Jesus through His Word. Oh, for the joys of hearing Him, by the Person of the Holy Spirit, reveal Himself to us through the Book!

Such was the experience of two men on an obscure road in first century Israel (cf. Luke 24:13-35). And such is the experience of countless thousands every day on the sacred pathways of bible texts.

A Heart Ablaze with Christ Revealed by His Word

One distinguishing mark of true Christianity is the experience shared by Christ's people of having Him "explain to us the things concerning Himself in all of Scripture" (Luke 24:27). As He graciously does so, we blush with the pleasure of "our hearts burning within us...while He opens to us the Scriptures" (Luke 24:32).

One crucial prayer, therefore, that we ought to employ each time we come to Holy Scripture goes something like this: "Lord Jesus, 'open our minds to understand the Scriptures'" (Luke 24:45).


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