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Readying Grace Church for a Unique & Full Lord's Day

Dear Faith Family, Considering how the Lord Jesus prioritized ministry toward children, and how He routinely discipled adults in deep matters of trusting Him by appealing to a child, we are in for a special treat this Sunday. Let each of us humble ourselves as little children and expect our Father's blessing.

There are three things we need to bring to your attention:

1) A Different Look & Feel for This Sunday's Service

Even though we are a small church, Grace has been blessed with more than 60 children under the age of 12. Several more are on the way. What a sacred trust from the Almighty!

As part of our current sermon series--Living For the Glory of God--this Sunday's sermon will focus on, "Children Who Follow Christ."

a) A Different Room Set Up

In order to engage our young people with the gospel and God's instruction for them at this tender stage of their lives, we'll arrange things a bit differently than normal.

Instead of sitting in chairs, the children will be invited to the front and center of the room, to sit on blankets (help us out by bringing one to share). Pastor Nathan, who will be preaching, will sit in a chair near the cluster of young ones, as he unfolds God's unfailing Word.

Adults will be seated in chairs around the children.

Lest we mistake this sermon as "not for adults," we would do well to remember that if we will not receive the kingdom like a child, we will not receive it at all. Let all of us, then, young and old, humble ourselves and ready our hearts to attentively receive God's Word!

b) Three Years & Older in the Service

Childcare will only be provided through age two, with everyone else invited into the service. Of course, you're welcome to have your children in the service any week.

c) The Lord's Supper

During the Lord's Supper this week we will cluster as families, with our children. Any who do not have children should join a family cluster.

Before partaking in the Supper, two things will happen: First, dads will take a moment to tell the gospel to their children. Second, any non-parents in a given cluster will pray for each the children.

Then, those who are in Christ will partake of the gospel-portraying meal.

2) Grace Lunch & Testimony

Immediately following the morning service, we will enjoy our monthly lunch fellowship. During lunch, we will hear the conversion story of two prospective church members, and glory together in God's saving mercies. This promises to be a sweet reinforcement of the sermon for the children and adults.

3) Baptism & Covenant Membership Service

After lunch, we will transition to First Baptist Church in West Memphis, AR for a baptism and covenant membership service. In the ordinance of baptism, we will see a portrayal of the gospel death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, just as we saw and tasted just moments earlier in the Lord's Supper, and heard in the sermon.

We look forward to worshiping our King with you this coming Lord's Day!

Jordan, for the elders