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The Next Chapter of Grace — Greenlaw Community Center


Rejoice with us!

  • 2003: Nearly thirteen years ago, God gave three families a burden to pray together about church-planting.
  • 2005: Ten years ago, He confirmed through many of His people that those three families would venture out together...someplace.
  • 2006: A little over nine years ago, He led us to relocate to downtown Memphis, in the Uptown community.
  • 2007: Almost a year later, Jesus established Grace Church, Memphis. For the first eight years, we gathered in Uptown, at Bridges. During 2015, we have gathered on Sunday afternoons at Union Avenue Baptist (and plan to continue meeting there until January 10, 2016).
  • Over the past decade, more than 30 members of Grace Church have relocated to the Uptown community, giving themselves to what God is doing here.
  • 2016: Lord willing, next month — on, January 17, 2016 — Grace Church will begin gathering on Sunday's at Greenlaw Community Center in the heart of our beloved neighborhood.

Logo_HorizontalWe are humbled and thrilled for the enhanced partnerships with the work of Memphis Athletic Ministries this transition will afford!

Pray with us for lasting fruit in the lives of those in Downtown Memphis, and to the ends of the earth!

Rejoice with us in light of this decade-plus-long answer to prayer! And, please pray briefly now for a rash of genuine conversions to break-out in downtown Memphis!

"To God be the glory in the church" — Eph 3:21

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