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They did not receive Him because...

But they did not receive Him, because He was traveling toward Jerusalem. - Luke 9:53

The Lord Jesus came to die. Jerusalem was the place. He was determined to get there (Luke 9:51).

On His way, He passed through a village of the Samaritans (Luke 9:52). Because of the racial tension between Samaritans and Jews, they would not receive Him.

The irony of their rejection of Christ because of His Jerusalem-bound travel is that Jerusalem was the place where Christ demonstrated just how accepted by Him they could be (cf. John 4:39-42). His cross was about more, but not less, than saying, "Good riddance, racism."

Instead of Luke 9:53, may be it said of us, "Because Jesus traveled to Jerusalem, they did receive Him!" And in Him, "we" and "they" become part of "us" among whom Christ is always the most welcomed Guest of Honor.