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To Grace, from India


Grace, The message below is from our brother, Vijay Sastry Meesala, the founder and visionary of Reach All Nations Ministries, with whom my family served during our time there. Related, here is a slideshow from our trip.

Dear Pastor Jordan and Grace Church,

Greetings in Jesus name!

I do hope that the love of Christ has been in and around you, and that during this Christmas season and new year you were able to feel the peace, love and joy that only Jesus can offer.

I would like to also take this time to THANK YOU for your prayers, support, and love towards our ministry here in Andhra Pradesh, India. God has been blessing our work in various areas.

We are thankful to the Lord for all those who pray and support our ministry. Among many things the Lord has done through RAN ministry here are few example of our work and testimonies:

In one of our Bible distribution programs, in a remote village, one of the women told us that she has been waiting for some one to bring a bible. She was in tears when we gave her the Bible. Thank you for your support for purchasing Bibles. We have given this living word of God to many unsaved people and hoping that the seed planted will bring forth life soon.

One of the Children in our Children home said, "I would have been a child labour if I was not brought into this home." We are thankful to the Lord for all those who have given support to feed them and clothe them. Also, we are thankful for those who have given generously to buy land and for the construction of a building. The building is in the process and we hope to start and complete it in 2013. Praise the Lord. For this Christmas, each child got new pair of sandals, few toys, and a great meal with ice-cream for dessert. They enjoyed this Christmas thinking of our wonderful Lord Jesus.

One of our Pastors in a place that I shall leave unnamed said, "I know if I continue to preach the Gospel here I would be beaten up and I and my family will suffer. But no matter what may come I and my family will not turn back." Thank you for those of you supporting our pastors on a monthly basis. Your support makes it possible for our pastors to continue to be in the field full time and serve the Lord and preach the Gospel.

In one of our free Medical camps an old lady said, "If it is not for the sake of the Gospel and Christ you wouldn't be here in a remote village like ours to teat the poorest of the poor and forsaken, thank you." I am thankful to the Lord for partnership with Dr. Richard and his team. We hope to do many more of these medical camps for the sake of the Gospel.

As a response to the Gospel preached in a village Gospel meeting in the beginning of the year, many young and old people gave their lives to Christ and really wanted us to come back and preach and teach more about Jesus. Praise the Lord.

This year we visited a tribal area near Vizag. We have heard of a brother who gave his heart to Jesus. He wanted to preach the Gospel to those families on the nearby mountain. As he was going, he was eaten by a bear. No body even new about this for several days. Men continue to give their lives for the sake of the Gospel and the unreached millions. We have trained 20 young men from the same area and all of them have gone back to their village to preach the Gospel. Praise the Lord.

In our 40 Days Bible Training Program, an young man said "this training program is different. It is filled with the Gospel, the Word of God, Christlike character and holiness. Thank you for teaching us the Gospel. Now we will go and do the same." We are thankful to the Lord for the godly and faithful faculty members and our staff.

We are also thankful to those of you support our pastors with monthly financial support and some of you also have given support to buy bicycles, megaphones, drums and financial support to build church buildings. This will enable our pastors to go an extra mile to preach the Gospel. This means a lot for us and our pastors. Thank you.

Among many responses from our Television program, "The Gospel Series in Telugu," one listener said, "Thank you for preaching the Gospel faithfully...please continue to do the same." Praise the Lord and all the Glory to Jesus.

Through our Help Widows and Elderly program we are able to give small financial help for the needy. One of the widows said, "I thank God for your ministry for providing us with spiritual nourishment, and also supporting us financially." Amen.

These are just a small glimpse into the kind of ministry that the Lord has given to us and of the the fruit that ministry is bearing for the sake of the Gospel. Praise the Lord for His grace.

At Reach All Nations we believe that what we do for Christ is nothing compared to what he has done for us on the Cross. We continue to do His ministry with grateful hearts and passion to preach His Gospel to the nations.

Here at Reach All Nations Ministry we are all so thankful to the Lord for your financial and prayer support. Please continue to support us for the sake of the Gospel. Thank you. May the Lord richly bless and fill you with Jesus this year.

"The LORD bless you and keep you: The LORD make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you: The LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace" (Num 6:24-26)

Note: Thank you Pastor Jordan for coming with your family and teaching God's word in its purest form. We hope you will be able to come many more times and train many more missionaries and Christian leaders in our state and in our country. Thank you.

Thank you, In HIM

Vijaya Sastry Meesala; Reach All Nations


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