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Local Church Discipleship


At every age and stage of life, Jesus is enough. Seeing His glory and receiving His gospel love is the great joy of His people. Our Lord has commanded us to "make disciples" which includes "teaching them to observe everything He has commanded" (Matt. 28:17-20). The goal of true discipleship is that we will "be complete in Christ" (Col. 1:28-29; Mph. 4:11-13).

We love our King. Loving, knowing, and obeying Him is our joy. Therefore, we are pursuing Jesus with all our heart at Grace Church.

Biblical Discipleship in the Church

The local church is God's favorite arena for biblical discipleship. Our God is gracious, and He gladly employs trillions of ways of bless and grow His people. But the New Testament reveals that God's favorite garden for His children's growth is in the local church. True life-long disciples of Jesus are best made in community with other disciples.

At Grace, there is a place for you to grow in Christ. Come enjoy Jesus with us! Grace Church employs the following approach to obey Jesus command to "make disciples."

Womb to Tomb Discipleship

Our strategy for biblical discipleship begins at conception, and concludes when we reach heaven.

Womb Discipleship | Prayer & Promises

Yes, we believe there is biblical encouragement for intentional pre-natal discipleship (cf. Ps. 22:9-10; 71:6; 139:13; Lk. 1:15, 44; Gal. 1:15).

Upon conception, children are added to our church prayer guide. We also encourage families to read and speak God's promises over mother's womb.

Birth - 4yrs Discipleship | Big Truths of the Bible

Our worship nursery curriculum reinforces 12 key truths from the Bible. When this material has been "completed," it begins again. Our newborn teachers pray select verses from Scripture over their classes.

5yrs - 6th Grade | Systematic & Biblical Theology

Our aim is for every 11 year old who has grown up at Grace Church to have been guided through the entire bible at least twice. To accomplish this goal, we use two approaches.

  • For 3.5 years, our GraceKids are taught "the whole counsel of God" using our Tasting the Truth catechism. This is a "systematic" approach to theology.
  • For 3.5 years, our GraceKids are taught "the whole counsel of God" using our Sing God's Story summary of Scripture. This is a "biblical" approach to theology.

Teens | Strategic Truths For Godly Living

Our aim is to equip teenagers with the essential biblical foundation to live in God's world God's way for God's glory. To accomplish this goal, our teens walk through a six-year rotation of 12 strategic biblical topics. Our Rooted topics include (and more):

  • How to Study the Bible
  • A Biblical View of God, Man, Sin & Salvation
  • Ecclesiology
  • World Religions
  • Christian Ethics

All Members | Sweeter Than Honey & Here is Love

Our aim is to equip our adults with God's Word. To accomplish this goal, we are challenging our entire congregation to read the Bible in harmony in two-years. In conjunction with our reading, our pastors are preaching a two-year sermon series entitled "Here is Love."

As a way to disciple the entire congregation, our Tasting the Truth catechisms are introduced in the worship services to everyone, rather than in the GraceKids classrooms. Our aim is for the entire church to learn these core biblical questions and answers.

Additionally, our adults are growing in the Lord together through our Grace Group ministry. These groups walk through topical studies in the Spring, and Teleios studies in the Fall.

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