Grace Groups

Grace Groups


We currently reserve Grace Groups for covenant members. If you are not yet a member of Grace Church, we recommend the following two small group seminars for you:

Our small group ministry approach flows from two main reasons:

(1) For Members: To foster the most advantageous environment for deepening relationships, openness in sharing honestly about our real burdens and care needs, and to offer an environment for mutual soul-care within each small group.

(2) For Non-members: To serve non-members by encouraging them to pursue corporate accountability via joining the congregation before assuming involvement in the body by participating in a subsidiary ministry of the church.


Winter/Spring — Thematic Studies that help us practically apply the teaching of the Bible. Former studies include, Instructing A Child’s Heart, Developing a Theology of Work & Justice, and Financial Stewardship.

FallTeleios Academy. The 12 week studies consist of working through books of the Bible. In the Fall of ’17 we will walk with God together through Gen. 12-50. Fall of ’18 we will walk with God together through John’s Gospel. We hope to release all of the Teleios studies we have produce in the Spring ’17.

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