Pastoral Training

We believe God has uniquely equipped the local church to identify, develop, and send pastors, church-planters, and missionaries.


In that light, Grace Church has implemented a two-year Pastoral Internship Program, and a one-year Pastoral Residency Program. The prayerful aim is to help develop personal, pastoral, and theological preparation for gospel ministry in lay leaders, and pastors. Theological institutions could be a mighty reinforcement to the church, but ought not replace her.

2015 Web CoverWho is eligible?

Grace’s pastoral residency program is available to members of Grace Church. For those who are interested in the program, but are not members of Grace, we would encourage you to talk with your local pastor(s) for further discipleship and training.

How is the program structured?

The entire training program covers four years:

  • Year one — Healthy member of Grace Church
  • Years two & three — Pastoral Internship
  • Year four — Pastoral Residency

The Internship (1.0 & 2.0) & Residency are structured so that participants can maintain a full-time job in addition to the program. There is no stipend for those enrolled. Note: The program requires ~12-15 hours per week.

2015 Web App ImageWhat is the end result?

The aim is to be more like Christ. “Success” would be greater growth in true godliness.

Our prayer is that many will complete the program and remain at Grace for a lifetime, making many disciples. We also pray that Grace Church will be able to send some into other local churches as pastors, or church-planters, or cross-cultural missionaries. Perhaps others will one day serve Grace Church as elders, or in some spiritual leadership capacity?

2017 Application (available Oct. 2nd)

Click the “Internship Application” image to the right to see (and download/print) the application.

Note: Applications, when available are due by Sunday, November 6, 2016.

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