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Teleios Academy

Overview of Teleios Academy

"Teleios" is a Greek word that means "complete" or "mature."

"Teleios" in the New Testament

The New Testament uses the word teleios (pronounced: Tell-eye-os) to describe God's ultimate goal for the Christian's life:

That we become "complete in Christ" (Col 1:28)That we would "mature" into Christ's fullness (Eph 4:13)That we be "perfect, as our Father in heaven is perfect" (Matt 5:48)That we "mature" by digesting God's Word (Hebrews 5:14)

The Goal: Spirit-dependent, Christ-exalting, Bible Study

Bible-study resources are a blessing, and we ought to avail ourselves to them. However, each Christian ought first to learn how to depend on the Holy Spirit for insight into God's Word. Teleios Academy exists to guide God's people into the joy of personally encountering Him in His Word under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit (cf. John 16:14)

Instead of giving rote instruction, Grace's Teleios studies are designed to encourage you to wrestle with God's Word as you ask the Holy Spirit to be your Teacher.

Means of Maturing in Christ: Teleios Academy

In an effort to cultivate biblical maturity in our flock, several church members have contributed to a series of inductive bible studies seeking to help God's people learn to lean upon the Holy Spirit to mine the depths of His Word.

Grace Church uses these studies in our Grace Groups, the church's small group ministry. If you are interested in using this curriculum, you are welcomed and encouraged to print these studies for personal, discipleship, small group, or church use.

Teleios began in the spring of 2011. Thus far, we've released eight studies (click on the images to download a print-ready PDF of the material). We intend to walk with God together through Gen. 12-50 this Fall, and John's Gospel, Fall '17.

The Whole Counsel of God: The design behind Teleios' modules is for the participant to engage with "the whole counsel of God" in the context of a local church.

Existing Studies

A number of studies have been written and are available for purchase on Amazon:

Studies to be written

  • Exodus — Fall '18

  • 1 & 2 Corinthians — Fall '19

  • 7th Century Prophets — Fall '20

  • 1 & 2 Peter — Fall '21

  • 8th Century Prophets — Fall '22