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A Walk With Christ to the Cross: Passion Week Devotional Guide


Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, next Sunday is Easter.

Passion Week

This week--known as Passion Week--represents the final week of our Lord Jesus' earthly life and ministry. It has been said that all the events captured in the Gospels prior to Passion Week are like long introductions to help the reader focus on the events--the cross and resurrection.

Clearly, Passion Week is the main focus of every gospel. Almost half of Mark's gospel is given to the final week of Christ's life!

A careful reading of the biblical accounts and teachings reveal what happened on each day of Christ's final week.

A Passion Week Devotional Guide

We encourage you to use the following guide (PDF here) to "walk with Christ to the cross." Live with Him, and worship Him, as you are reintroduced all over again to the greatest news in all the world--the gospel of Christ's atoning death, burial, and resurrection! (click image to enlarge)