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Advent with Ambrose


"Let us know Jesus, carrying on the great work of our salvation in his first coming or incarnation.  Come, let us learn what he did for us, when he came amongst us.  There is not one passage in his first appearing, but it is of mighty concernment unto us; is it possible that the great God of heaven and earth should so infinitely condescend (as we have heard) but on some great design.  And what design could there be, but only his glory and the creature's good?  O my soul! If thou has any interest in Christ, all this concerns thee: the Lord Jesus in all these very transactions had an eye to thee: he was incarnate for thee; he was conceived and born for thee: look not on these things as notionals or generals: look not on the bare history of things, for that is but unprofitable: the main duty is in eyeing the end, the meaning and intent of Christ: and especially as it relates to thee..."

~ Isaac Ambrose, Looking Unto Jesus, pg. 195