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Fall 2012 Church Card - "To Live is Christ, to Die is Gain!"


Church family, prepare to be gloriously wrecked and devastatingly helped this Fall. Many churches consider preaching through Philippians because it's short. But the reality is that it was written to mature congregation that was ready to receive some of the most penetrating truth of Christ's beauty and worth contained anywhere in Scripture. Philippians is a treasure-trove of Jesus' worth and practical application of His influence on a soul and church.

Pray that we will have a fresh taste and sight of the Lord Jesus this Fall through this power-packed epistle. Pray for Pastor Bryan who will unloading this series to us after having meditated on this book for more than two years of having it committed to memory.

Oh, may we as a whole church participate in the advance of the gospel to the nations (Phil 1:4; 4:15-16). Yes, may we ourselves live and die in such a way that that demonstrates the superior worth of Christ, our Lord (Phil 1:20-21)! May we join God the Father in exalting Jesus to the glory of God the Father (Phil 2:9-11)! Indeed, may we so fully embrace the fulness of Christ that we see all other things as rubbish in comparison (Phil 3:7-12)! And may we know the all-surpassing joy of soul-resting contentment that comes from personally living upon Christ's sufficiency (Phil 4:4-13)!

Here's your soul-preparation prayer artillery for our upcoming prayer gatherings and sermons.