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Teleios Academy: The Gospel According to Luke


As part of God's call on our lives to enjoy being conformed into the image of Christ, Grace Church will be worshiping our King this Fall in private and in our Grace Groups through Luke's inspired biography of Him (You may click the image to download a 2-sided, print-ready PDF version of the study booklet).

The Aim -- Spirit-saturated Christ-exalting Fellowship with God

We will seek to understand the content of Luke's well-ordered account of Christ's life (Luke 1:3), and no doubt find ourselves regularly humbled by the Lord's challenging statements (cf. Luke 16:9). God willing, as we seek the Lord privately, and then discuss our insights and questions together, we will be granted a more proper understanding of the parts and the whole.

But we're going for far more than correct information in this study. Yes, we want to know God's Word, and to know Luke's message accurately. But that is not an end in itself. In many ways, studious pagans could enjoy that much access to things divine. Instead of stopping short, we want fellowship with the God of the Word. We want our Father's choicest gift--that is, we want God Himself! We want the fulness of His precious, Christ-exalting Holy Spirit in our lives (Luke 11:13).

Over the course of the next few months, may the Lord grant to us through this church-based study of His Word that we become more acquainted with Christ (Luke 9:20), more awe-struck by His majesty (Luke 9:28-36), and more devoted to His cause (Luke 11:28). And may we ultimately find that our entire Bible is a God-given treasure-trove of Christ's bloody gospel and risen glory that is waiting to be mined (Luke 24:25-27).

* You are free to reproduce and use this study, or any of our Teleios Academy materials, without changing the content. Although it was designed with small-group use in mind, we trust it would serve well for personal bible study as well.