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"More Than Notion" -- Thoughts on Experiential Christianity, Part I


Let this soak in deeply:

Let us ask the important question,

(Brethren, be not too secure),

What it is to be a Christian,

How we may our hearts assure.

Vain is all our best devotion,

If on false foundations built;

True religion's more than notion,

Something must be known and felt."

- Joseph Hart

A Series on Experiential Christianity

Christianity without ongoing personal experience with God is no Christianity at all. Or, to put it another way, "True religion's more than notion."

In the coming days we'll be publishing a series of posts touching on the Bible's call to what the old writers referred to as "experimental religion."

May God breathe upon us a fresh gust of His Spirit as we seek to "taste Him" (Psalm 34:8)!