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New Church Card | July 1 - September 16


A few quick hits for this new church card, which begins this Sunday, July 1:

Church Cards Available Each Sunday

These are available on the Sunday resource table, or for your viewing anytime by clicking on the "Upcoming Sermons" tab.

You are strongly encouraged to prepare those in your household for corporate worship by meditating together on the upcoming sermon and prayer passages.

Upcoming Sermon Notes

  • This series of sermons begins and ends with a focus on God's glory among all nations, starting with the Benson's Commissioning Service, and ending with why the Thomas family will spend the Fall in India.
  • Two weeks are devoted to an overview and application of the Gospel of Luke in preparation for our Fall Grace Group study
  • We'll work through Hebrews chapter six, and half of chapter seven

Prayer Meeting Note

  • We'll continue praying through Galatians in our 9am prayer gatherings