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The Recent Dearth of & Extraordinary Sweep of True Revival

How long, O LORD?

"America has not known a large-scale general revival for more than 100 years. Revivals have become so scarce that much of the Church is hardly aware of their absence. entire generation of Christians can live and die without ever having come close to genuine revival..."

"True revival cannot be confined by state line, national boundaries, economic class systems, facial characteristics, skin coloring, educational distinctions, social status, or denominational preferences. Wherever God is, true revival can occur. When God speaks, the whole earth can hear. Revival can do as much for the suburbs as for the ghetto. The inner-city church can be as wonderfully transformed by revival as the church on the village green. Revival can penetrate the Iron Curtains of the world as readily as it can the Bamboo. The Spirit of God cannot be prevented from working as He wills."

Revival!, p. 19

JesusJordan Thomas