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Yet Another Reason I Love the People of Grace Church


I love the people of Grace Church.  The reasons are too numerous to count. One more to add to my ever-growing list was waiting for me when I returned home from work today.  There in my email inbox was a most humble, gracious, loving and helpful note about yesterday's sermon.

During the sermon we looked at the account in Acts 8, where the Ethiopian eunuch beholds Jesus, the Lamb of God, by faith.  Additionally, I made the point that Philip, the one who looked unto Jesus in John 1, was the one who taught the Ethiopian about Jesus, the Lamb of God, from Isaiah 53. Good thought, wrong Philip.

It is true that Philip the apostle did behold Jesus the Lamb of God in John 1.  And, its also true that the Ethiopian eunuch beheld Jesus the Lamb of God in Acts 8.  However, the Philip of John 1 is not the Philip who led the Ethiopian to Jesus (a good example of my head and heart not keeping pace with my mouth!) The Philip who expounded Isaiah 53 for the Ethiopian eunuch was the Philip of Acts 6:5, Philip the evangelist!

I love the flock of Grace Church.  I love that I received an encouraging email today that  pointed me lovingly to a clarification about Philip.  I love that I preach to a prepared people.  I love that I preach to a congregation who loves God, spends time with God, and knows His word. I love that you receive the word with great eagerness and examine the Scriptures daily to see if these things are so.  I love being one of your pastors.  You are a joy to serve.

I love you.